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When you work in any industry, you should feel that your employer is striving to keep you safe. If you have been injured on the job as a result of negligence or safety hazards, you may be entitled to compensation. However, this does not mean that your employer is required to make it easy on you to get the financial help you deserve. Make sure your rights are protected by retaining the services of a skilled Vermont workers' comp injury attorney from Shillen & Mackall.

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Workers' Compensation Benefits in Vermont

Vermont requires employers with one or more employees on a full- or part-time basis to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance. Employees who are injured in relation to their occupational duties are eligible to receive benefits, including:

  • Medical coverage
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation services
  • Death benefits for family members

Unfortunately, securing these benefits can be challenging for injured workers without the assistance of a skilled legal advocate. It is advised that you speak with a knowledgeable and caring Vermont workers' compensation attorney as quickly as possible after you have been involved in an accident.

What is the Difference Between Temporary and Permanent Disability?

According to the State of Vermont Department of Labor, temporary total disability benefits can be awarded if you were unable to work at all while recovering from your work-related injury. This type of benefit allows you to receive weekly wage replacement compensation of approximately two-thirds your typical wages. This requires you to have been unable to work for 4 days or more.

Permanent disability may be received once your temporary disability compensation comes to an end if you have been left with a permanent disability as a result of your injuries. Permanent disability benefits are usually awarded via periodic payments, but may also be requested as a lump sum (although this requires approval from the Workers' Compensation Safety Division).

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