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Have You Been Injured by a Dog or Other Pet in Vermont or New Hampshire?

When you are walking through a park or public property or are visiting a residential home, you expect that any dog owner will take responsibility for their pets. If you have been attacked by a dog or other type of animal as a result of irresponsible or negligent behavior, you may be entitled to compensation.

Animal bites or dog bites can be extremely traumatizing and physically painful, even leading to permanent scarring. At Shillen Mackall & Seldon, our Vermont attorneys are here to help you file a injury claim against the animal's negligent owner.

Seeking Compensation for an Animal Attack

Dog bites can be extremely painful, especially for young children. They often require surgery or stitches, and depending on how deep the wounds are, you could experience emotional distress as a result of permanent scarring. Animal bites are also more susceptible to become infected, as they can be difficult to clean thoroughly. Our personal injury attorneys in Vermont are committed to providing you with dedicated representation and proving that the dog or animal owner was at fault.

In order to prove a dog or animal bite case, a few factors but be taken into consideration:

  • Was the dog dangerous? Did it show signs of aggressiveness in the past?
  • Was the person injured legally on the premises where they were bit?
  • Was the dog or animal contained or was it allowed to roam free?

Common Questions About Vermont Dog Bite Laws

Q. What are Vermont's dog license laws? According to Vermont Statutes 20 V.S.A. § 3581, owners of dog and wolf-hybrid breeds are required to register their dogs every year. For more information about licensing laws you can visit the Vermont General Assembly website.

Q. How long after the incident occurs can I report the attack? Like other personal injury claims, Vermont requires victims of animal attacks to file their lawsuit within 3 years of the date of the incident.

Q. What is the "one bite" rule? Vermont operates on the precedent that a dog-owner may only be held liable for the attack if they had knowledge or should have reasonably known that the dog would act aggressively and yet failed to take precautions to prevent them from hurting anyone. The assumption is that if a dog has acted aggressively in the past that there is always potential for them to act aggressively again.

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